Wall Soundproofing

Are you having problems with noise from your next-door neighbours or the office next door? Or maybe there’s a lot of noise coming from one room to another within your home, office or other building. Do you require an extra element of privacy? If any of the above rings true to you then Quiet Interiors can help with a custom soundproof wall installation to make your home more peaceful.

Our experience, knowledge and highly skilled team of tradesmen ensures that we work professionally and efficiently.

Over the years, we have worked on many projects fine-tuning our customer service to the point where we know exactly what is required and expected from our soundproofing installation projects.

Soundproof Walls for Noise Reduction


Here is a selection of some of the more popular systems we install. However we believe no one case of noise pollution is ever the same. Therefore we provide bespoke systems specifically designed to suit your needs.

Plastering included in all our prices

Wall Lining System

Quietboard Wall Lining 30mm Room Loss

Wall Lining System
Specially designed to be a thin, high quality soundproofing solution to be used against a brick or block work party wall.
The QuietBoard is constructed with a 15mm acoustic grade of plasterboard, laminated to three layers of soundproofing material. (4mm Mute Barrier Mat & 6mm acoustic foam and finally another layer of 2mm Mute Barrier Mat) The two different soundproofing materials, Plasterboard and Mute Barrier Matt add mass to a existing wall and combat a full range of sound frequencies. The acoustic foam  provides an absorbing layer direct to the wall, to dampen and absorb sound vibrations. 


Genie Clip System 75mm Room loss

Genie Clip System
Engineered for superior acoustical performance in reducing the transmission of airborne and impact sound through wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.The GenieClip™ is a unibody molded rubber and galvanized steel part used to attach drywall to either wall or floor/ceiling assemblies. Made from recycled components, and engineered to allow reduction inassembly weight, the GenieClip™ can be used to meet Part E of the Building Regulations in the most efficient way possible. Used with Furring Channels of 1.85m lengths the GenieClip™  offers a significant improvement over standard resilient bars without the worry of incorrect fitting.


Independent Wall System from 110mm Room loss

Independent wall System
Our independent wall system is the most popular and best value performing system for airborne and impact noise reduction. 
We construct a metal frame completely detached from the current wall. With a minimum of 25mm space / gap between the frame and current wall. The void is then filled with 50mm Acoustic insulation, Then lined with 2 layers of Soundbloc wih green glue sandwiched between.